Daring Helicopter Rescue on Keel Mountain: ALEA Aviation's Remarkable Teamwork
By Huntsville Madison County Rescue Squad
September 25, 2022

Yesterday evening, The Huntsville Madison County Rescue Squad swiftly sprang into action, joined by the dedicated teams of Keel Mountain VFD, Gurley VFD, and the Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit, in response to a distress call regarding an injured hiker who had tragically fallen from a ledge into the perilous Lost Sink Falls area of Keel Mountain.

Upon their arrival, the severity of the situation became apparent as the rescuers grappled with the treacherous and unpredictable terrain. It was determined that the safest way to extract the injured hiker from this challenging landscape was through a meticulously coordinated helicopter rescue.

With the invaluable support of the Alabama State Troopers Aviation unit, the injured patient was successfully airlifted from the remote and inaccessible Lost Sink Falls to a designated area suitable for helicopter hoisting. The flawless synergy and exemplary collaboration among multiple agencies proved to be the cornerstone of this triumphant and life-saving rescue mission.